FAQ Related to COVID-19

Yes, while the future is a bit unknown, we are happy to announce that we are still rolling with the 2022-2023 school year. Enrollment will occur in August, and Leadership has been constantly and diligently monitoring government regulations to ensure we are following all guidelines and safety protocol. You will be happy to know that applications are being processed at this time and your future classmates are actively being accepted to WOLBI even right now!

All incoming students, campers, and guests are required to wear masks and social distance. Temperature checks, disinfecting baggage, and information logs are all protocol. Depending on current state regulations, all students may be required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

As we continuously monitor IATF and LGU regulations and protocol, we are regularly disinfecting the facilities, alcohol booths are placed throughout the facilities, and dormitories, classrooms and the dining hall are all at 50% capacity.

General FAQ

The base cost for 2022-2023 is P201,425 ($3,839)

Yes! 100% of our national students receive some level of scholarship!

The Bible Institute does not possess a permit from Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED) or the US Transnational Association of Christian Colleges (TRACS) at this time. However, there are theological institutions that accept WOLBI credits for continued undergraduate or master’s programs.

Up to 40 credits can transfer.

We had approximately 45 students between the SBS and SMS programs in the 2019-2020 school year.

The Bible Institute is actually a cohesive academic program. All the students take the same classes together in each respective year. We fly in professors weekly from the States and around the world to speak on a variety of biblical topics and books of the bible, which are precisely arranged into each credit earned.

Students who complete the School of Biblical Studies curriculum with a grade point average of 2.0 or higher will receive their Diploma in Biblical Studies. Students who complete the four-year School of Ministerial Studies curriculum with a grade point average of 2.0 or higher will graduate with a Bachelors in Ministerial Studies.

WOLBI is a full, comprehensive program with a rigorous schedule which accommodates the Study, Life, and Ministry dynamics of our purpose. This does not leave room practically or in their schedule for an outside job. That being said, working outside jobs is not permitted. However, students may find opportunities around campus to work occasional, one-time jobs for staff families with permission from the deans. (The Work Scholarship is also an option for tuition fee benefits. Students may apply for this in the Scholarship Application before arrival.)

Student Life Questions

Every accepted student will receive a link to a packing list before arrival.

Orientation begins the week before first term registration day.

We recommend and strongly suggest international students arrive on property two weeks before first term registration day. Coordinate with Admissions and the Deans on details.

The guy to girl ratio is almost 50/50 weighing lightly heavier on the guys’ side.

It varies from dorm to dorm. It is most common for a room to have about four bunk beds.

Students do not need to have a car; however, they are more than welcome to bring their vehicle.

Yes! Students can work out transportation requests before the break to and from the Manila Airport.

The fee is 300 pesos per gadget per term.

Students pay 900 pesos per day for all their meals and housing on campus during school breaks. Or, they may opt to put in four work hours a day instead.

The Word of Life Bible Institute traditionally begins in August and ends in July of the following year. See COVID announcements for this year’s start date.

Yes, most instruments are permitted in the dorm, especially guitars, ukuleles, and violins. Amplifiers, keyboards, electric guitars, beat box, and drums are not permitted in the dorms.

The class dress code can be found in the Student Handbook and the Student Welcome Packet, received prior to first term registration day.

Students should plan on coordinating with their roommates on bringing the necessary appliances: rice-maker, fans, a coffee pot, etc.

Classes run Tuesday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

We offer gluten, dairy, and nut free options at each meal.

Additional costs include cost of uniform: P3200 for men, P3000 for ladies.

There is a good dentist and a family doctor in San Pablo City (45 minutes from WOLBI). There are also a couple of provincial hospitals. The International Asian Hospital is located in Alabang, an hour and a half from campus.

There is a security team that regularly patrols the property.

Financial Questions

Monthly payments are due by the 22nd of every month, except for the first month: the first monthly payment is due no later than first term registration day.

The school uniforms require an additional fee to cover material and labor costs during the first week of school. Personal gadgets also require an additional fee per device per semester.

The billing cycle begins in September.

There are two payment options for each family to choose from. This can be worked out with the business office.

Our largest scholarship is the National Resident Tuition Scholarship (NRTS). This reduced your total year cost almost in half. 100% of our students benefit from some level of partial scholarship. There are about 5 scholarships to apply for. There is, however, no limit on outside scholarships.

Academic Questions

See our Course Curriculum.

See “Our Accreditation ” statement.

Additional time on tests, access to tutors, and study groups may be available depending on the student’s needs and assistance availability. Additional academic help can be discussed with the academic department. Email [email protected] for more details.

We strongly encourage students to bring their laptops.

All your textbooks are provided throughout the year at no additional cost.

Word of Life Bible Institute does not make discrimination toward students who have learning disabilities. WOLBI runs a rigorous academic schedule. Classes are T-F, five hours a day, and test question styles range from multiple choice and T/F to an occasional short essay. We make it our aim to communicate the rigorous academic schedule to you and will explain testing styles and classroom expectations further if asked. It will ultimately be your decision whether WOLBI is the best fit for you.

If students have had previous counseling for mental situations, students must be aware that WOLBI is not a counseling center or a place for mental recovery, and while we believe that the Word of God is sharp to strengthen our minds and heal us from our pasts, we offer one-on-one discipleship but not professional biblical counseling. Please answer questions honestly regarding these things on your online application. We truly care and will be sure to discuss your concerns with you.

Admissions Questions

All students must complete a series of steps in order to be reviewed for acceptance. The first step is the Online Application found at This only takes about 10-15 minutes. As soon as the application is submitted, the next steps – referred to as the BI Checklist Items – appear. Once these items are completed and submitted, the student is reviewed for acceptance by the deans. We will communicate the acceptance status promptly. Keep in mind additional paperwork may be required post-acceptance, prior to enrollment.

Because there are additional action steps to be completed after submitting the application, we recommend students applying three to four months out. The application does not commit you to WOLBI right away; it’s also FREE! As soon as the admissions process steps are complete, you’ll be reviewed for acceptance. The acceptance process steps could take you a number of days to a number of weeks. Reviewal by the deans could also take a few days or a few weeks. We don’t want you to miss any acceptance deadlines.

It is not common to accept students into WOLBI during 2nd or 3rd Term. We strongly encourage all students to begin together in August.

We do not see ourselves offering online courses anytime soon, mostly because of the practical dynamic of our unique program. However, the WOL home base in New York does offer some free, non accredited courses online which you are more than welcome to check out. These are just a taste of what it feels like to actually attend Word of Life Bible Institute. Enjoy:

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We’re excited for you! Complete the form below and you’ll be connected with an Admissions Counselor. You’ll receive an email with details about our program, financial aid, visitation and ministry opportunities offered here, and more! We look forward to chatting!

The rest of your life starts here!