Word of Life Bible Institute Philippines is a one- to four-year, non-degree granting institution whose high academic standards are recognized by a number of Christian colleges and universities.


Our commitment to Biblical truth makes up the foundation of our academic Philosophy. It influences every aspect of the Bible Institute as we work diligently to teach students the Word of God and equip them to lead a life of great impact no matter where the Lord takes them. We do this through an emphasis on three core areas: study, life and ministry.


At the Bible Institute, we offer both one- and four-year programs, each made up of three academic terms and a summer ministry assignment. Those who complete the first-year program are honored with a Diploma in Biblical Studies at the graduation ceremony. At the end of the four-year program, students are awarded Associate Certificates.

The goal of both programs is to educate students on the Bible and the Christian faith within a rigorous academic atmosphere to prepare them for a life of great effectiveness for the Lord. In addition to our standard academic programs, we offer unique internships and programs for students interested in pursuing full-time ministry.


Our professors are made up of dedicated Christians who are passionate about seeing young people follow the vision and call that the Lord has placed on their lives. Each day, our staff works tirelessly to make the Word of Life Bible Institute a better place for incoming students, current students, and alumni. They are here to serve you.


Moodle LMS is a leading academic learning management software. It specializes in providing each individual student a secure and integrated learning platform for academic success. We’ve uploaded many of our textbooks to this platform. Students will receive training in the use of Moodle Software before classes begin.


Discover all the important events with our Academic Calendar. You can get access to both our SBS and SMS calendars here. Download them for later or stop in and see us to find the information you’re looking for.


Word of Life Bible Institute sends transcripts both digitally and through the mail. They are also available for pickup in the office. All requests are processed in an efficient and timely way for your convenience. Simply click the link below to begin your online transcript order.

*Fee only after your first copy is dispatched.


Word of Life Bible Institute is primarily a transfer school and most SBS students transfer their coursework to the SMS program or other institutions of higher learning. We assist in the transfer process given that all financial obligations have been satisfied. We’d also love to talk with you about your future career goals as you move into the workforce!



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