As students are immersed in the Word of God each day, they are given the opportunity to put what they learn into action through hands-on ministry opportunities. Students give back to others, share their faith, serve the hurting, gain real-world experience and use their unique gifts and passions for a purpose.


We teach our students to be leaders by providing classroom development and hands-on ministry opportunities. Through the Student Life program, our students are able to develop lifelong character qualities. These are students of character that other universities want on their campuses. These are the future business people that work with greater diligence and integrity. Our students leave as strong future leaders in the church, leaders in the home, and optimal employees for their future workplaces.


Every student will learn how to personally share his or her faith one on one. We train our students to take everyday conversations and direct them towards spiritual matters, ultimately culminating in the sharing of the Gospel. Each student will then be given opportunities to make it practical as we take them to heavily-populated areas for Eternity Week, send them out to communities for puppet shows and basketball tournaments, engage them as counselors over weekend camping retreats, and provide opportunities to serve and interact with university students through Campus Ministry outreaches.


We believe it is important for every student to gain practical knowledge of how to do ministry. Our philosophy combines a “team-approach” to ministry as well as a readiness to share the Gospel. It is our desire that every student is ready for ministry in the Local church after leaving the Bible Institute. Our goal is to teach students to live out practically what they learn in the classroom.


Each student at WOLBI participates in outreach-focused ministry, sharing their faith, serving the hurting and giving back to others. With a huge variety of ministry experiences, from open air evangelism to campus ministry, whatever your passion is, you’ll learn to let Jesus live through you every day!


Our students not only have the chance to travel to heavily-populated areas and apply their ministry skills to churches, schools, and communities, but we offer even more intense opportunities to share the Gospel and see many come to Christ.


On-campus service assignments give you the chance to use your passions and gain real-world experience through a variety of positions at The Bible Institute. Whether you serve in culinary services, campus maintenance, the BI office, photography, yearbook, or one of our other roles, you will have the opportunity to develop practical skills while helping sustain and grow the Bible Institute’s mission.


While at the Bible Institute, students participate in many different service assignments, discipleship encounters, and counseling and ministry opportunities. The stories they bring back are so encouraging and impactful, both in how they changed personally, and how others were impacted.


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