Ministry opportunities combine the students’ knowledge of Scripture and their own personal Christian lives to both actualize the education process at Word of Life Bible Institute and influence the lives of others.

Through various means, we provide opportunities for students to work out their faith as Christ would have them to do. Just as evangelism was very close to the heart of Jesus, it is very much an important part of the ministry of Word of Life. The students are not just taught principles of God’s Word, but they also learn how to apply these principles in everyday life through specific ministries.


School of Biblical Studies (SBS)

Every first year (SBS) student will learn from a classroom setting how to personally share their faith one on one. One of our classes is specifically geared towards everyday conversations and directing the conversations towards spiritual issues, ultimately culminating in the sharing of the Gospel. Each student will then be given opportunities to make it practical as we take them to heavily populated areas for open air evangelism, send them into camps/university campuses and provide opportunities to serve and interact through community outreach.

School of Ministerial Studies (SMS)

Since we consider our SMS program to be a deeper foundation for ministry, we provide more opportunities for students to develop and strengthen their God given gifts and abilities. From lesson planning, speaking, teaching, coordinating, song leading, managing women’s ministry, and directing children’s programs, we believe that by allowing students to bloom where they are gifted, students develop a deeper understanding of their role in practical service and leadership in the body of Christ.


Life is Ministry! At the Bible Institute one of our primary goals is to develop your ministry skills. We don’t want you to just learn Bible truth we want you to learn how to use God’s truth in real ministry.


At the Bible Institute, everyone goes through evangelism training in order to learn how to share the Gospel with clarity, learn effective methods and develop a lifestyle of sharing their faith. You’ll gain the confidence to share your faith any time, any place, to be ready to “give an answer” for what you believe.


Work side by side with other students who share your passion for ministering to others. Learn together in class the principles that make up ministry theory. Then go out and work together to practice what you have learned from God’s Word. You’ll learn first-hand how to function in a ministry team.

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