Word of Life Philippines has formulated its guidelines carefully regarding the opening of the new school year. The protocol for the entry of BI Trainees is the same as with campers. Temperature checks, disinfection of baggage, and information logs for students and any visiting companions are preliminary protocols. Every student will be quarantined upon arrival for 14 days. The wearing of face masks is required and social distancing is a must. The use of face shields is not required but encouraged. The dorms are designed to hold at 50% capacity. The same will be implemented with the classrooms and the dining hall. We have implemented a regular housekeeping disinfection plan and alcohol booths are placed at the entrance of all our facilities.

Word of Life Philippines follows the requirements set by the IATF and the LGU. In consideration of new protocols and government guidelines, we are continuously following the guidelines that the IATF is implementing to ensure the safety of our trainees.


Our team of staff and security officers patrol the campus throughout the day and night to detect inappropriate activity and respond to incidents and emergencies. Security officers are trained law enforcement officers, trained and registered as security guards with the state.

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