Student Leaders Influence the Campus


We hand-select students for full-time leadership positions on campus. Our Resident Assistants (RA’s) serve their fellow students by maintaining unity, offering accountability and discipline, and leading in evening dorm devotions.

We believe that our student leaders help us create a powerful spiritual climate on campus.


Resident Assistants have authority directly in their dorm for the leadership of their dorm area. This position comes with a partial scholarship. Dorm RA’s work directly with the Student Life Deans who oversee our campus and are tasked with discipling our Dorm RA’s.

As a Dorm RA you’ll be making sure students in your dorm and on campus are following the institutional policies that are in place. You’ll be providing spiritual leadership and you’ll be tapped for other leadership roles in ministry teams and on campus. All student leaders must first be invited to leadership week for training. You’ll go through an interview process before being selected.


If you have any questions about the content of the application or the reference forms for our Philippines campus, contact the Bible Institute Office at 0917-528-9184 or 0939-908-2834 or email [email protected] (male applicants) or [email protected] (female applicants).


Get all the important details and review the process below. If you are or have interest in leadership on campus, there is valuable information for you to find here.

These documents are for instruction and reference only.

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