100% of national students receive some level of scholarship.

The scholarships listed here are for the Philippines campus only. Unless otherwise noted, the deadline to submit completed Financial Aid documentation and the general Scholarship Application is July 9.

Please note that scholarship applications cannot be processed until the initial BI application is completed. Note: Scholarships from external sources (including church, family, and personal aid) and certain discounts are accepted.

Because some scholarships have limited funding, applications received by the July 9 deadline will receive preferred funding status. Applications received after the deadline may be declined if funding has expired.

Many  people ask about scholarships. There are partial scholarships available but in order to get the best picture of what costs would look like for you, we always recommend starting with our online application ( This doesn’t sign you up; but it will help us get a better understanding of where you are at.

*Scholarship holdings may be dependent upon character and academic standings while in attendance.

National Residency Tuition Scholarship

90% off

The National Residency Tuition Scholarship is offered to Filipino nationals who reside in the Philippines. This is a 90% scholarship off of tuition fees: savings can amount to ₱100,000 depending on student qualifications.

Who Qualifies: National Filipinos Residing in the Philippines.

Resident Assistant Scholarship

The Resident Assistant Scholarship is a partial scholarship offered to our resident leaders on campus. RAs are mostly SMS students (second or third years), though sometimes first year students qualify. Candidates are welcome to apply for this position. RAs are then invited to training by the Deans by invitation only.

Work Scholarship

The Work Scholarship is a partial scholarship offered to students selected to serve extra hours around campus. Students who have bigger financial needs are selected by the Executive Dean and may reach out to express their need and interest in qualifying.

Alumni Kids Scholarship

The Alumni Kids Scholarship is a partial scholarship available to children of our alumni.

Camp Crew Scholarship

The Camp Crew Scholarship is a partial scholarship available to students who have worked a full summer of Camp Crew (formerly STC) at one of our Word of Life Philippines summer camps before enrolling at WOLBI.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

P 3,000

Alumni Encouragement Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to equip a certified Word of Life Bible Institute Alumnus to encourage a potential student to attend Word of Life Bible Institute. The award’s respective certificate must be submitted prior to registration.  

Caveats: This award cannot be combined with the BI Bash Scholarship or the Alumni Kids Scholarship.

Who Qualifies: National Students Entering the SBS Program

Adopt a Student

We work to provide Adopt A Student scholarships for select needy students who may otherwise not be able to attend. Opportunities are dependent upon donor availability. Donor commitments to sponsor a student vary and do not guarantee full scholarship.  

Who Qualifies: National Residents Selected by the Executive Dean

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