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We have accommodations for our alumni to stay on campus in our nice upper hill pool-view guest rooms. (Non-AC and AC Dormitory rooms and regular cabins are also available.)

Pool-view accommodations include beds, a bathroom and sink, a sofa, table, and refrigerator. All meals at the student dining hall are included during your stay. Come for a night or two and experience Word of Life again! Bring your family to see where you went to the Bible Institute, bring a prospective student, or just bring yourself! Email [email protected] for more info.

Reconnect, Reflect, Recharge

*Alumni discounts apply! Housing prices are subject to change depending on accommodations.


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Alumni Facebook Group

A great way to get connected with your fellow alumni is to join in on the conversation on our vibrant Facebook Group. Interact with Alumni from all years and hear what our Alumni are doing for God around the world.

Alumni Update Form

If you’ve had an address change recently, have a prayer request, or if you would just like to stay in touch we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the short form and we’ll update your information in our system.


Who do you know?

We have an incredible Admissions Team who are ready to chat and ready to help! Refer a student below and we’ll reach out. This doesn’t sign them up for anything but starts the communication process about WOLBI.

What Can You Do?

Imagine the young adults in your life thriving in communion with God as they deepen their faith and live for more, learning to serve and minister in their churches and communities. Now, you can thoroughly describe our program in just three words as seen in this Alumni Promotional Packet we created just for you! Here you will find we’ve put together a packet of tools, which you can use to share Word of Life Bible Institute with the young people at your church, at work, and in your life. This flipbook is designed to serve youThere is no greater investment than young people devoting a year of their lives to be changed by God’s Word. Wouldn’t you agree?


Word of Life Bible Institute sends transcripts to students who have paid their balance in full. All requests are processed in an efficient way for your convenience. Simply click on the link below to begin your online transcript request.



“I came in as someone who was trying to figure out how to cope with this cruel life as a follower of Christ. I just wanted to know more of Him and learn how to make Him known…My first few months in the BI were a bit of an adjustment…The classes were amazing. I knew they were preparing me for everything in my life that would lie ahead. This was my training season.” [read more]


Remember when you were a student at the Bible Institute and you wondered how God would provide for your financial needs? You were amazed as God moved on your behalf, perhaps through family, friends, or a scholarship. Will you be that blessing in the life of one of our current students?


Right now, YOU can be the financial miracle that many other students are praying for, just as Marilyn once was. It’s overwhelming to imagine the impact each one of these students will have on the world. Many of these students will lead ministries or churches in the Philippines. Some will go abroad to some of the darkest places on earth to help reach people for Christ. Others will join the mass Oversees Workers in hundreds of countries across Asia and around the world.

There is no greater investment than empowering a young person to go and reach their world for Christ.


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